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    Default First Music Video

    okay so this is the first music video I've ever made. I don't think too highly of it at all, but I'm posting this just to see where I stand and where I can improve on my skills.


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    I certainly congratulate you on producing your 1st music video; and I hope you produce more.
    I look forward to seeing it, but I would prefer to first know why you don't think highly of it. I don't want to re-tell you what you might already know.

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    Well these are the cons that I have towards this video:

    Image quality came out too dark
    Dynamics/camera angles seem a bit boring
    nothing interesting other than a guy rapping in different locations
    Effect use/filter use seems a bit sloppy to me.

    Thats about all i need to improve on. Now all i have to do is work on technique. My next video with this guy is going to be a bit more interesting because i got some footage of some basketball games in his town and the song is going to be about ballin'
    I also work with another band (citrus distress) and they are making their first video some time this summer so I'll be posting something other than a rap video (slower, calmer, reggae/funk/jam music)

    thanks for any help

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    Thanks, I enjoyed some bits. I agree with your own criticism. It lost my attention before the end.
    Although you had several locations (e.g. painted wall, in dark, outside shop, on railway track), I would like to have seen those places from a range of different views. Perhaps it only seems boring sometimes because the viewer justs gets an almost random edit of almost identical looking scenes.
    In fact, you might have been able to interweave several stories to make an easier to understand plot.
    I don't feel your FXs were overdone, I wished the camera had been on a tripod more often, and you had better lighting at shop, but I liked the pace. I look forward to seeing your next clip.

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    I agree with Tim. It seems you know where you went wrong in this video. So well done for being honest with your self, not everyone can do that. Just work on shooting a variety of angles in each location. Long shots, mid shots, closes ups etc. Work with the conditions you have at the location. If it's dark. Open the iris or get some sort of light source.

    I always like to see some sort of narrative or story line in music videos which helps to give it interest.

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    Hi I am writing my opinion before reading others so sorry if anything is repeated. Right, There is alway a compromise when editing with poorly lit shots where the contrast is bad and it nearly spoils the piece. I was expecting the first close up of the talent straight away on either his hands or eyes or something to show us what he is about other than a person standing in the middle of the frame. You could have used the heavy bass drum to emphasis either cuts of pulses. I liked the interlaced TV lines which I think would have been better than the old film look which you used more often. When using the old film look the colours need to match " old film" to pull the effect off and make it convincing. Check out some old film footage to see what I mean. A lot of stuff years ago used to be over exposed and appeared to have a glow as an effect.

    Story line was missing??? Not sure what the guy was trying to say but I'd have shot may more clips of him walking to and away from the camera or of first person POV ( that is looking through his eyes) then exploited that along with variable speed adjustments to get it look better. Too may shots of him in the frame in the same place,... left of frame and right of frame is good. Still good though except for the text at the end. Keep on going . You will need to invest in After Effects if you want to do good music video and I would advise analysing others work and try to work out HOW they edit their stuff. GOOD LUCK!

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