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Thread: Best software for downloading/digitising

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    Default Best software for downloading/digitising

    Anyone recommend a good quality software for downloading/digitising HDV from Sony A-1E cameras ?. Formerly I used Sony Vegas Pro 10 - but for some reason this now seems to split the downloads, apparently randomly - even when "Enable scene detection" is downloaded.Worse instead of a clean break, there is a slight pause/gap between quite a lot of the clips. Plus occasionally loss of sound and break-up in picture. Any better software; I would add that I use more than one camera and all produce the same result - so I assume it is the software.

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    I've been using Premiere for over 14 years... it's never failed me.


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    Unfortunately I am only running 32-bit and I see the latest Premiere Pro is 64 probs editing in Vegas - it's the capture that won't now function properly

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