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Thread: MOON intro sequence - help

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    Default MOON intro sequence - help

    hey. my first post on this forum.
    i am trying to achieve a similar effect with text in my project as demonstrated in the intro sequence of the film Moon.
    here is a link to describe exactly what i am trying to do.
    Moon opening title sequence | The Art of the Title Sequence
    do you know of any Vegas based tutorials or similar to allow me to get a bit closer to nailing the effect please?
    the text creation and texturing to suit a frame/scene i am fine with, but the realistic tracking of the text layer in a scene is the bit i'm having problems with.

    i use Vegas10 and Photoshop CS5.
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    Sorry dunno Vegas that well,- but maybe search YouTube . . . however, I suspect it will be easier to search for an "After Effects" equiv. that's what most "in the know" would use, but it's pricey - - - ahem.

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    Are you talking about the "Where are we now" type FX? Where it fades in with a wipe from the right and then out with a wipe in the same direction? I can think of a couple of possibilities without really thinking about it. Confirm that's what you're on about and I'll have a play.

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    sorry i should've been more specific. i meant the text seemingly 'fixed' in the scene.
    i have basically managed to get the extruded font layer from PS into Vegas and overlayed it in the scene but getting it to track with the scene to give the effect of it actually being there is the tough bit. i am manually tracking it with keyframes but it near impossible with a handheld-shot piece of footage to match it up convincingly.
    i was wondering if there was a plugin that could handle the tracking aspect for me.
    i guess the alternative would be reshoot with steadycam or somehow smooth out the footage i have already.
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    okay so it looks like im going to need to invest in AAE for the track motion ability..

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    I predict that despite AE's marvellous capabilities, you will wish you had shot a steadier shot
    The matching movements of the texts which I saw in the clip *might* have been done manually or semi-automatically.
    I have no expertise in AE, but my little experience was that the tracking was not straightforward about coping with a real 3d space.
    However, I have played with AE, using data from "Voodoo", some free match moving software. There is an explanation and a nice sample here: Free 3D Matchmoving Alternative For After Effects

    It is a standalone app. I think some Vegas users have used it, but I am unsure what data they were able to import; or how it might be used.

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