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Thread: What did I do wrong here?

  1. Default What did I do wrong here?

    The exported file is out of focus/soft. The preview within Premiere is alright though not super-sharp, exported on all the highest settings and stuff. I had the focus set on auto so it's not a case of having knocked the focus ring or anything. Very odd.

    I shot this on the same day and it's soft but when I re-exported it at a higher bitrate it was much better, not so for the first video though...

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    Need more info first. What was it shot on/what was file was it important as?

    What are your export settings?


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    Shot on Canon XM2 (GL2 in the US). File exported to MP4.

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    Have you played it back on the camera?

    Have you tried filming some extra/test footage just to check the camera is ok?

    Target bitrate should be 2mb/s or above.

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