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Thread: Precise Frame Insertion Of Video Split - Menu or Manual ?

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    Would anyone please be able to let me know if there is a menu or other option in Sony Vegas Pro v10 to insert a video split at a precise frame point?

    For example, I may with to insert a split at frame 250, however, when I manually click the vertical slider bar in the video then release it, the frame count changes from the one I selected, presumably due to minor movements when releasing the mouse button. Is there some way that I can type a frame number or select from a frame counter where the split is inserted?

    The manual method works but it might take 5 or 6 attempts to get it on the precise frame.


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    If you zoom in the time line, get it in the ballpark, then use the left/right arrow keys for precise movement

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    Midnight Blue,

    Thank you for the reply.

    It works OK by zooming in but when I use the arrow keys it is increasing the frames and the timeline by units of 2, is there a setting somewhere where I can fine tune this to increments of 1 ?


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    Yes, just use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in a little more you can move by very tiny increments up to fractions of a frame if you want. BUT one frame at a time is enought for most people.

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    Pressing Alt as you hit the L & R arrows allows movements by a single frame at a time.


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    Midnight Blue, Richard,

    Thank you for your replies and help in this.

    I did not realise I could zoom in to a fraction of a frame. Does this mean that I can insert a split point at a fraction of a frame?

    Just so that you can see why I am looking for this precision, I am inserting timers using the Sony Vegas TimeCode Fx option into some sporting event videos where the required degree of accuracy is 0.01 seconds. With a frame rate of 25fps I am always inheriting an error margin of 0.04 seconds (25fps for 1 second = 0.04 second increments per frame). If I can insert the video split point at a fraction of a frame then I can resolve the error margin of 0.04 seconds.

    Returning to the point about zooming in to a fraction of a frame, is this dependent on the format of the video file or the equipment that was used to record it? Or, will Sony Vegas zoom to fractions of a frame irrespective of the video format and equipment used for recording?


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    Not too sure abouit splitting within a frame although it may be possible if you play about with some of the snapping or quantize to frame presets (see under Options for example).

    The zoom allows you to magnify the timeline to, for example, enable precision in where you place your cursor. The Alt + L/R Arrow allows movement of the cursor only from one frame to the next.

    This looks like something to experiment/play with. Remember you have Ctrl + Z or Undo if you decide that you are going down the wrong route and want to return to an earlier point (these undo only one action at a time but you can go back over numerous steps).

    Good Luck.


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    If the clip and the project are setup for 25fps; then you cannot expect to have more than 25fps
    Perhaps, if the project were set to edit (and export/render and playback) at 100fps; then maybe the software will treat each frame of your 25fps clip as containing 4 identical frames. And therefore allows you to 'cut' on any of the 4 frames. That is maybe where the notion of 'splitting within a frame' applies. Your .01sec precision seems wholly possible.

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    You can indeed split a frame (you'll need to turn off Quantize to Frames as mentioned abve). But the image will be the same either side of the split. As TimA says, if you are recording at 25fps, then you have 25 different images per second. You can split that fist imahge as many times as you like but the image will be the same.
    I wouldn't advise it for video as if you shift video by a smaller amount than a frame, I'm not sure, but this may cause Vegas to have to do extra work (but I am sure it will make no difference to the result).
    The useflness of turning off Quantise to frames is so you can work much more precisely with audio which you may want to work with right down to individual sample level. I occasionally do this to sync an external source.

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