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Thread: Stratchy voice messes up my video.

  1. Default Stratchy voice messes up my video.

    In Sony Vegas 10, i have edited my whole video exactly how i like it. Whenever i try to commentate on any part of the video, it gets messed up because my voice sounds scratchy. Before some guy says its my computer, it isn't because windows movie maker doesn't make my voice sound scratchy when i use that for free over a program like this that cost money. If anybody at all can help me, i would be so grateful.

    Here is a perfect example of how my voice sounds like crap.

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    Sorry to say I can't play yr Vid - oddly I can play them on YouTube's Website, and I have the latest version of Flash (according to Adobe site), yet somehow...........

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    Do you know what may be wrong with the audio whenever i commentate? it works fine on wmm but not on vegas 10 for some reason.

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