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    Default music vid collab

    Created this with a group of students and had lots of input from the band. Shot on a couple of different cameras - 7D and 2xZ5
    whaddya fink?

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    Quality looks great
    Location is great

    Like some of the imagery of the kid dragging the set across the sand

    Decent angles

    Not too bad overall. I think its filmed well. Not my kind of music so it doesn't give me that blown away feeling but I do think the Location was a great choice.

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    Visually I think it looks good. My only concern is that the song is full of energy but the video does not have enough to match it. But a good job over all.

    AND how dare you film in my neck of the woods and not invite me along.
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    oops, sorry midnight. I had no idea where I was for the most part of those shoots other than motorway - countryside - clifftop - posh hotel then reverse
    Next time I'll be sure to give you a heads up!

    I do agree. really we needed the whole band to bounce around as much as the bassist. next time...

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    So I went back recently and helped teach the next lot of students how to film some stuff for the band above. It was loads of fun and inspired me to finish off a video from the previous year -
    Students Do Saxon
    From our own shoot - the band let us dress up in their jackets and use their kit, we rocked out, but as film buffs weren't quite up to scratch on the old miming
    students do saxon - YouTube

    figured I'd post it here to keep it in context *breaking the rules*

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    Ha Ha, great laugh. I think the miming being total pants makes it all the more funny.

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    I thought this was great. And, to be frank, had a lot of the energy that MB pointed out was lacking in the earlier version.
    This is a great lesson for many here (including me) on how to shoot and edit together what is no more than a "performance" video and yet hold the viewers interest for the duration. I shall be taking notes, Teach.

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