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Thread: Music video!

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    Default Music video!

    Here is the result of a music video we made.
    hope you like it!


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    I liked some of the ideas in this. The titles at the begining were to fast for me to read. What was your budget ?

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    Cool video, nice production, well made SFX (pity about the boring music) but the director should be very happy with what he's done. He made the two bland singers look interesting.

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    I thought it was really good. I do tend to like rap over other things. In this kind of message the music isnt really the important thing.

    Anyways great video. I really liked the faded scenes with the newspapers on the wall. THats a good look for the video.

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    Really enjoyed it. A very eye catching promo - director has a sharp eye.
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    Thanx for the words and feedback! The budget was none, zero, nothing. Pontus ho filmed and edited the video is a old friend of mine. (i am the one at the anvil in the intro/outro). We went to grade school togrther. We met after many years again when a friend of ours died. So we started to talk again and he was into maaking film and i music. And here we are it took 3 days of filming and fun! The edit hours i dont know anything about. but some

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    Not my style at all, - but sure wish I could manage something like that.
    (er, in a style to suit me, that is...)

    Can you give us some tech details, software etc...?

    Well done.

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    i will tell Pontus to come and write about the equipment and so on. I havent mutch knowlage about that!

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    Pro. That what i have to say about that. Catchy song. Awesome shots. Special effects are even pretty top notch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vchiz94 View Post
    Pro. That what i have to say about that. Catchy song. Awesome shots. Special effects are even pretty top notch.

    Thnx!! appreciate it!
    i can only take cred for the music! i have told Pontus to write about the equip and what software he uses. U will see him in the tread ant time soon.

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