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Thread: converting vhs to digital

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    Default converting vhs to digital

    i am newbie here and if this thread is in wrong place , could admin put it in the right place for me. thanks...

    i am converting my vhs tapes to digital and unfortunaly i have converted into different formats....avi, 3gpp, windows media file, and a couple of others...i want to put them on a cd but first want to edit them....can someone please help me to let me know of a program i can use to accomplish the task and be able to make dvd's that everyone can watch on there home dvd player or computer...

    probably clear as mud but any help i can get would be great..



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    For a modest outlay there is an easy way -
    ( from the tapes, ignoring any existing conversions ).
    - Get a HDD/DVD PVRrecorder (the modern eq to a VHS m/c)...then scart the VHS player and the DVD-PVR.
    You can record as many VHS tapes as req'd to the HDD (but beware copyright issues!), and edit (from the HDD), to cut out any noisy pieces, bad tracking, gaps etc. then create a DVD using the menu facility . . . it will tell you qs the DVD fills up . . . .insert a blank DVD press record - If you are lucky it will record the whole 2hr/4hr (4hr quality suits SVHS-) in record time and spit out a DVD - + you can make second copies as reqd.

    This process means buying a m/c but you'll find it useful for programme time-shifting (etc), as well as this particular task.

    I think this is better than burning DVDs using a PC. PVR recorded DVDs tend to be more-easily played on general DVD
    players. However, DVD authorded in (say DVD ARchitect), can have special effects applied, such as "deleted scenes" and fancy-looking menus - but for easy working the PVR route is quick* - AND you get to use yr PC while the recording is running independently.

    * note that some HDD-recordings insist on burning in real-time, but this is the Exception.

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    Default thank you

    i think my daughter has one of those individual stand alone dvr's...i will check...if not i will try to buy one on ebay or whatever....

    thanks again for the help...


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