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Thread: M2TS is not a supported file type.

  1. Default M2TS is not a supported file type.

    First off let me start this post off with saying that i record video game play using an hd pvr and my ps3. i use totalmediaextreme to capture and Sony Vegas pro 10 to edit. Whenever i upload to YouTube straight from capture (not editing with Sony Vegas), YouTube takes it directly and uploads it. Whenever i edit using Sony Vegas, YouTube says that the video can not be converted. I have tried converting the file to avi, wmv, etc. It just wont work. I am wasting days and days trying to figure this whole thing out and it has just become so ridiculous. If anybody can help me, i would be most appreciative.

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    Is it that you are violating the restrictions of size or length of the video.
    Videos can be...High Definition. Up to 2 GB in size. Up to 15 minutes in length. A wide variety of formats YouTube has an trouble uploading guide.

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    Actually, i am an idiot and didn't realize that "Render as" is what you had to use to change or convert rather for it to upload to YouTube correctly. If i could ask you another question though, how come whenever i commentate on my video and playback to hear my voice, there are scratches throughout the video?

    Watch the first 15-20 seconds of the video and you will hear it kind of skip or scratch.
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    It sounds like a bad connetion, make sur your jack plug is ok.

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    Thanks for the reply. Well my computer automatically comes with a mic inside so i am not plugging anything into the laptop.

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    Well if it's not the connection it could be that you are clipping but this is more likely to cause distortion than "scratching". It's possible that you are just suffering from lack of processing power. Either that or your mic is rubbish.

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    Could maybe something be wrong with the settings?

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    The only setting for your mic is the volume so I don't see what else could be wrong.

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    uggh :( me sad!

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    Midnight. I commentated a whole new video using windows movie maker. So it's definitely not my processor. There is a sertting on vegas that i dont know about.

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