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Thread: My Aviation Videos using Sony Vegas

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    Default My Aviation Videos using Sony Vegas

    Hi All,

    First time posting to these boards. I have been a long time user of Vegas video editing software and would like to share some of my videos with you all. First of all, I love aviation and enjoy capturing professional footage of all sorts of aviation as a hobby. The first and last video were edited with Vegas Pro 10. I edited the middle video with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

    Video camera:
    - Panasonic HDC-TM15
    - Zoom H2
    Other equipment / accessories:
    - Weifeng tripod w/ fluid head
    - Redhead windscreen

    Hope you enjoy! Any questions, please ask!

    Footage from Boston-Manchester Airport, Manchester, NH

    Footage from Logan Intl. Airport, Boston, MA

    Music composed by Steve Jablonsky, track called No Sacrifice, No Victory from the Transformers soundtrack.

    Footage from Logan Intl. Airport, Boston, MA

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    It's a bit difficult to comment on these videos as they're geared to a very specialised viewer.

    I like planes, I like them a lot, not enough to be a "spotter" but I could quite happily spend an afternoon looking at them. Even so, I didn't find enough in the videos to attract me. The camerawork is solid, well done, well executed. Composition is professional and competent. I just didn't "get it". I can't comment on the editing because I didn't see any. It was more like a joining of various shots of aircraft. I thought the editing of the GA propeller plane not particularly good but then it's all about the aircraft I assume.

    So, for technical content - 9/10 for artistic content- no idea.

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    Well shot. What is it for ?

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    I can't disagree with the posts above. The pan following the taxiing plane around 0:50 in film 3 is so perfect in keeping the subject in the same place in the shot, I have to ask -was it done in track motion in post? It's almost too good - such that it looks fake!

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