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    Default Problems with the Video Preview??

    Hi guys

    I've started working on an editing project and i've noticed since starting to edit it that it goes in and out of hight quality, or it goes fuzzy... excuse the bad description. I'm editing a software training video and the text is crystal clear one minute and then blotchy fuzzy the next.

    I was wondering if it was because of the settings i chose on opening the project.

    I am editing a wmv file

    framewidth 1280
    frame height 800
    Total bit rate 4633kbps
    15 frames per second

    I have been chopping the video up a bit in the timeline but this problem isn't occuring where i split it and so i don't think it's to do with splitting the video...

    Oh and also, playing the file in normal windows media player has no problems with it at all.

    Any help here would be grand, i can't for the life of me figure it out!

    (Edit) I have now troubleshooted it a bit and rendered a problem piece, the problem is variable as in it can occur at any time along the timeline and at different times randomly. I decided to render a section that i saw the problem in and it was fine.... perfect quality.

    I guess my question now is... is there a way of getting the video editor to buck up and stop being lazy?
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    This is a common question. Your video is not going "in and out of quality". Your preview is.
    When you render your video all will be well.
    When you are previewing the computer is trying to do all the stuff that it has to do when renderring and play in real time as well. I will struggle to keep up.

    When editing for time accurate work (eg cutting to a beat) lower the quality on the preview window and it will flow better.

    When working on image accurate stuff (eg colour correction, masks, FX) set the preview to high quality.

    If you need to preview both, you should pre-render (or RAM preview)

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    Cool! I did notice that the render was good,

    thanks for the help

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