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Thread: What kind of Camcorder do you have?

  1. Default What kind of Camcorder do you have?

    Just wondering what Camcorders people have. Also maybe add 1 or 2 thoughts on the camera!


    Me I have nothing... Unless my Phone counts haha. I think id like to get
    Panasonic AG-HMC40PU <-Anyone deal with this camera directly and what are your thoughts on it?

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    I shoot with the Canon HV40, which is a higher end consumer camera vs. a prosumer camera. Produces great images but I've been considering making the switch to DSLR Video just because you get the photographic look that comes with shooting with real lenses.


    Ryan Aarstad Best Video Production La Crosse Wisconsin | Prodigy Multimedia

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    32402931-320-0-29119-20070906_150012-320x240.jpg JVC GZ-HD7

    high end prosumer camcorder. The colors come out great in light, but it's a bit sketchy in low light. I'm thinking about selling this on eBay and buying something much better.

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