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    I'm just launching myself in to the video market. I'm a multimedia designer and I want to add video to the services I'm offering.

    I've chosen the camera - Sony PMW-EX1R - which seems a good choice.

    Next step is which editing software. As I used the Adobe Suite it seems cost effective to stick with Adobe Premier but some people are telling me Final Cut pro is the way to go.

    Anyone got any good advice on this please.

    I'm aiming to work on corporate projects and who knows, I'll take on whatever comes along as my skills and experience develop. So I need to have the best kit.

    Next question, what's the best spec for hardware - pc or mac and how powerful does it need to be.

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    I would recommend aiming at an i7 procesor level machine either on a PC or Mac not much difference these days. I'd go for the one which you are most familier with. I would also go down the Premier route if you are more familier that than taking on FCP. Please note, this advice comes from someone who has never used a Mac or Premier of FCP.

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    I have used Premiere for over 10 years, so yes, stay with Premiere.

    I was on PC for years, but now have moved to Mac. The stability is awesome!

    My advice... Mac with i7 (as Midnight Blue mentioned) Quad and Premiere.


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    For editing images use photoplus editing software. It has amazing features like
    Import and edit common image file form crop photos to print size ,common repairs and damage to old photographs adjust levels, curves, brightness, contrast and,
    paint brushes and art blend.

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