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    Default Syncing Two Videos.


    I've just started using adobe Prem for reviewing games etc.. for a youtube channel. So far I've been getting on fine. However I'm Now stumped on my latest video.

    I'm trying to do a Side by side Comparison of game-play between two different settings within a game. It's a comparison of Graphics. Low vs High etc...Using split screen. (this part is easy using crop tool)

    I Ran a benchmark within the game that completes a set route. I capped the game at 30fps, so (in theory) it would run at the same speed. However this did not work. So parts of each video are slower in certain parts, which makes them go out of sync.

    Is there a way, within the Adobe Master Suite programs, that I can Place markers throughout both videos where identical parts happen, so it can speed up or slow down the relevant video to sync it.

    Hope this isn't too confusing to understand.

    Many Thanks


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    Hey Hardlock,

    There's no way to add markers for Premiere to automaticly change video speeds to keep dynamic video in sync (if I understood your question correctly).

    You'll have to manually adjust your video's speed. The easiest way to do this is to use "time remapping." This can be found by clicking the drop down menu that is located on each video clip. "Opacity: Opacity," is the default option. Simply click this then choose Time Remapping on the drop down menu, then choose speed. You then can press "P" for the pen tool. Then hold down ctrl or command and click at a point in the video to create a time remap point. You can then drag the two points away from each other to create the transition of the speed change. Then grab the horizontal rubband on the video layer and move it up to speed up the video or pull it down to slow the video down.

    You'll have to make a lot of tweaks to master your syncing.

    Another way to sync is by zooming in on both audio tracks from each video clip and and match up the waveforms. Only use this if your footage is the same such as two or more cameras on a multicam shoot.

    For your situation, I would sync using the time remap option.

    Let me know if you have more questions. Happy to help!


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