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Thread: Jittering playback

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    Default Jittering playback

    I take the video, camcorder works fine, all looks good in the viewfinder.
    I extract it to computer, no problems but then , if it plays at all, it's all stop/start, jittery won't run smooth at all.
    I put it in Sony Vegas 7 and it's the same.
    Any ideas ?

    ( Winows 7, 64 bit, professional, just had service pack1 )
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    It's usually a lack of processing power that causes this problem but there can be other things like too much other things going on in the back ground, fragmented drives, drives too full etc. Try reducing the preview quality this my help to run the video smoother.

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    Hi there. it jitters in Windows Media player too.
    Processor is Intel Core i7 with 6 gig RAM
    Thanks for reply.

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    That should be good enough to run most formats unless you are trying to play uncompressed .avi. Have you looked at optimising your windows system ? Are you trying to play from a slow external drive ?

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    I tried to run it from the C drive with the same results.
    How do I optimise Windows ?
    Thanks for reply,

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