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Thread: Firewire/USB video downloading to PC. Newbie Q's...

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    Default Firewire/USB video downloading to PC. Newbie Q's...

    OK, I know my way a bit around PCs and windows, but Digital Video is all very new to me... (Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question)

    I have a Sony TRV33 MiniDV camcorder and a Samsung V25 P4 2.6GHz, 512Mb, 40Gb laptop with DVD recorder. I have installed all the software provided by Sony and Samsung (no problems), and have started trying to get the images from my camcorder to the laptop - so I can eventually burn them to DVD and view them on my TV...

    There is a firewire connection on both the camcorder and laptop, but I have first tried the USB connection as that's what was supplied with the camcorder and I haven't yet purchased the I-link cable...

    No problems at all in the PC recognising the camcorder, and I can control the camcorder from the PC using Sony's software, but using this (or samsung's software - Ulead Video Studio7), the frame size I get on my 15" tft is only about 2", and really grainy :( Magnified to full screen it is awful! I haven't yet tried to burn anything to DVD.

    My first question is: Is the small frame size and low quality because I have used the USB cable, and will it be much better (ie full screen and hi res) if I buy a Firewire cable?

    Secondly, will it look better once it is burned to DVD? and played on a TV, or will the frame still be tiny and the quality poor?

    I'm sure I will be back with more questions as I get into this!!!
    Thanks for your help and advice in advance

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    Sorry - just found out that USB DOES result in loss of quality (as I suspected)...

    But still, would the firewire connection give me hi res full screen video?

    If I burned this to DVD and played it back on my TV, should it look the same as if I'd just plugged the camcorder straight into the TV??? Cheers, Ian

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    I have a TRV33 too. I have been editing digital video for a few years now and I have to say that the Pixels Image Transfer software bundled with the camera is not the best (although the camera itself is superb!)

    The capture that you did mange was via USB, right? If so did you capture from Video Tape or from the Memory Card. In the case of the latter then the images will be even grainier than if captured from camera. The other thing to note is that Pixela only offer image sizes of 340xsomething or 640xsomething. In any event the output medium for Image Mixer is MPEG1, which is fien for WEb Streaming or VCDs.

    If your final output medium is DVD then I you will have to capture from firewire. Yes firewire will give you full screen resolution.

    If DVD is your final output then I am afraid that Image Mixer is not the answer. Yes Image Mixer it is ok for a messabout and a bit of fun. But look for something a bit more substantial if you want to output to DVD.

    Poor software, but a great camera!

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    Thanks for your comments!
    Yes, I did capture using USB, and it was from the Tape...

    If a Firewire/i-link cable (these are the same thing right??) will give me full screen resolution, then I will buy one asap!

    As well as the Pixela software bundled with the camera, I've also got Ulead Video Studio7 (bundled with the laptop). I did try capturing using Ulead, but using the USB too, and this only gave me a 2" picture with naff resolution...

    Do you know if Ulead Video Studio7 ok for creating full screen DVDs (if you use firewire?)

    I'm sure I'll have more questions once I've tried it again using the FireWire cable...

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    Yes firewire and i-link are one and the same thing (i-link is Sony Speak for firewire).

    ULead Version 7.0 is good enough for starting off in Video and basic DVD Production. More information on the product at

    [url] the with .c...D productions.

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    Oops again. Sorry I made a mess of inserting the url. here it is,


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