Im pretty new on these editing and filming stuff. Im having some problems with the image quality and editing software.
Im using Canon 550D as camera and Sony Vaio F serier laptor for editing. I dont think the laptop have any problems running the video, but my Pinnacle 14 plays my video really slow. I tryed to play it with Adobe after effect C4, but it just runed slower. I convert my videos straight from camera. Open the folder and drag all videos to my desk and start to edit them straight away, but the quality is not the wanted. They look pretty bad after edited with Pinnacle 14. What should I do to fix these?

Should I get Sony Vegas 9 for editing, because there you can color correct them better, but still I will work with the Adobe after effects.

Here is little prewiew of the video I edited with Pinnacle and I really dont like the quality.

Thank you!