Whether itís due to the popularity of social video websites like YouTube or the increasing quality and lower cost of production technology, the professional operation and application of digital video is a skill more and more people are acquiring. Whether itís just for fun or professional use (or both) a little knowledge can go a long way. By investing a small amount of time and money in this short course you will learn a wide range of skills and techniques in two exciting workshops that you can apply in a variety of settings in the future.

Creative Filming Workshop

Day 1 to 2.5: Students will learn camera techniques, how to set-up the camera for recording, followed by learning about shot composition, angles, focal lengths and camera movements. Groups will use hard disk recording cameras to capture their own pieces

Editing Techniques Workshop

Day 2.5 to 5: This workshop will explain the importance of digital editing and its purpose. Students will log and capture their own footage and will be show the basics of how to generate clips and lay them down on the timeline. Demonstration of basic effects, edit manipulation and transitions as a group. Delegates will be shown how to create their own DVD projects.

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