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Thread: should i get final cut studio, or final cut pro x

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    Question should i get final cut studio, or final cut pro x

    Hello, I am looking for a professional video editing system. I would hope to one day make a living with video production, and was wondering if i should get final cut studio 2009, or get the new final cut pro x. I was wondering which is better for professional editing, and looking for the program that is more powerful and better for professional editing. I have heard that final cut pro x is not as good as pro 7, and am just wondering which would be better for my personal needs. I'm looking for more precise editing.
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    As far as I understand it Final Cut Pro X is a watered down version of Final Cut Pro designed to be more consumer friendly so I would definitely recommend going for Final Cut Studio as it is far more powerful for professional editing and you also get Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Cinema Tools and color bundled with it. It does come at a cost though.

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    Quite frankly, Final Cut Express is more than enough unless you really are going to use the additional facilities on the Pro version.

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    go for fcp express as Bob says if you feel you need to understand FCP 'classic' - ie versions up to 7 - or go for fcpx for a very powerful modern take on editing.

    Most of the moans about fcpx are about incompatibilty with older version os fcp, as well as a lack of tape input/output, and lack of multicam support.
    If you are a non-tape outfit delivering video only in digital file format then this shouldn't bother you.

    Right now i'd go for fcpx...... Motion5 is now a 64 bit add on that you get for 30. very powerful and very good for titling, DVD menus etc.

    With fcpx and motion 5 you can make digital video that's broadcast quality and i'd embrace it for the price.

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    well, what i am asking is, will fcpx be good for professional editing, since i've seen places that say apple is putting in multicam editing. I am more digitally based, and if i ever need to export to tape, i can just export a digital file, and use some other means to convert it, but, with my means, i need something that can export full hd format. i plan on getting after effects for most of the visual effects, but i need a solid editor that can export from a professional camera. can fcpx do that?

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    also, did fcpx cut any editing features, or just multicam editing, and not being able to open old projects, which i dont really care about, because this will be the first time i'm using final cut in any format. I just need something to edit videos with, i just want to know if i need to drop the money for final cut studio, and whether or not fcpx is a good professional editing program and if i can use it if i were to get a job at a professional video production company, or to possibly make a movie with. If i can get away with it and still be professional, i would really love that.
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    You can produce professional quality video on just about any NLE, the software is just a means to an end. But for pro work other things come into consideration especially regarding time and stability. As you obviously realise it also makes sense to learn the software that is most in use in the environment you find yourself working. Once you really get to grips with one NLE, then get your head around another it becomes very easy to adjust to anything. It is important, but the main thing isn't what you use, it's the final output.

    Apple have said that they will bring back multi cam editing but I think it could be a long time, if ever, before the hardware, management and workflow can match that of Avid for large scale TV productions.

    It's probably very limited as to where is using it as yet, but FCPX is a very powerful program that got a lot of very bad premature impressions, most of the bad stuff you read about was comments based on rumours before it was even released. I have no doubt that as time moves on many professional companies will be using it. For smaller independents it is a bit of a god send as the ratio of power to cost is unbeatable. But that relationship between Avid and FCP has always existed, even with earlier versions.

    I'm making the change to mac over the next couple of weeks and it's FCPX that's been the deciding factor for me. Take a look around the web for video tutorials and get an idea of what it can do.


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    I'd echo David here,

    the MOST important thing is not what the software's the actual editing, and your editing sensibility.

    Once you've cracked that - the software choice is up to you.

    So first - learn to 'edit' ..... fast cut stuff, slower pieces..... but most importantly learn to edit a narrative.
    FCPX is cheap and will allow you to do just that.
    -Once you know what your aiming at..... if you need to know how fcp or avid actually work (ie you need to learn them later on) then there are cut down version that you can practice on, and bring hyourself up to speed on.

    On FCPX -
    Some of what has been said about fcpx by 'experts' and broadcast professional is laughable. For instance that you couldn't set scratch disks... this is just plain wrong - you can.
    It seems a lot of people simply wanted to be seen to be important enough to be be sitting in judgement on it....and often they simply hadn't read the manual.
    They expected a furtherance of fcp7..what they got was something completely new...and this put a lot of noses out of joint.... mine included to be honest.

    Can you make broadcast HD material on fcpx ?... yes.
    Plus being 64 bit - it will render faster than fcp7.
    I would also seriously consider adding motion5 to it as well..... it's great.

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    alright, thanks guys. I have been editing small video projects with my a/v club at school for a year now doing commercials for school functions as well as personal things here and there. I've been working with adobe products, and since the college i'm going to uses final cut, i decided to make the switch to final cut. I am going to get fcpx and both motion and compressor.
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