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Thread: vegas rendering size issues

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    Default vegas rendering size issues

    Im having an issue with render sizes with sony vegas 10.

    I upgraded from a very old computer to a moderately old computer for editing and am having an issue where the rendered video is boxed in the media player after rendering.

    the program settings, and render options are exactly the same and the same source video is being used but for some reason that i cant figure out the new machine produces video that is smaller and in a black window in the media player where the old machine using the same settings produced rendered video that fills the media player window.

    at first i thought it might be the monitors screen size affecting how the video is shown, but the old machines video played on the new machine shows as full not boxed so back to square one.

    I have spent a few days doing everything i could think of to try to get the new machine to produce the same results as the old...and ive tripple checked that all the settings in the program settings and render settings are the same.

    please help.

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    I'm having a similar issue with Vegas 10, only my problem started when I left Vegas Studio Platinum 9 and moved to Vegas 10. I have tried many different settings, from NTSC DV to NTSC DV Widescreen to HD 720x30p, etc. Still get the box in the middle of the screen, it's not playing the video to the full screen although it does maintain the widescreen format. I don't have an answer for you but am commiserating and perhaps our combined issue finds the problem. Thanks,

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    I see there's no replies yet so thought I'd write back on updates and hopefully not distract from your problem. I found the source of my problem - it has to do with DVD Architect 5.2 which comes with Vegas 10. If I render my video with Vegas 10 but then use the old DVD Architect 4.5 software that came with Studio 9 Platinum, then I no longer get the small screen issue, it gives me the full 110" screen of my movie theater. I don't know if this has any relationship to your problem but thought I would post this just in case it helps. For others reading this, any tips on why DVD Architect 5.2 is causing my video to be limited to a small area of the screen?

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