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Thread: Using Super Mario Theme Tune for Credits.

  1. Default Using Super Mario Theme Tune for Credits.

    Hi everyone.

    I am just about to complete a re-edit of a student film I directed (zero budget). Its a comedy similar in style to the comedy 'Spaced'. It features a few shots of the video game Call of Duty.

    I assume I may already be on reasonably thin ice using shots of that game but am wondering how much thinner the ice would get if I was to use the Super Mario theme for about 10 seconds over the end credits.

    Being zero budget etc, can I get away with this as long as I mention it in the credits? What exactly would I need to say?

    Would this exclude me from entering the film into competitions (or has Call of Duty already eliminated me)?


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    I am sure the Mario music copyright is held by someone or company, but getting permission may become a complicated process. I don't like folk to steal music. I like to see "by kind permission" credits. It demonstrates a level of honesty nad professionalism. I have no idea about 'competitions'. Best read the relevant rules.
    There is an excellent story told by Paulears in this thread, where he composes a new audio track in the required style. I don't actually know the Mario music, but assume it would be easy to find someone to 'compose' 10 seconds of something which sounded similar.

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    I am no lawyer but i am pretty certain that you are in breach of Music Copyright, Intellectual Property rights and Trademark copyright infringements... i understand that at least Nintendo have already hammered one person for using part of a Super Mario game graphics, and the character from the game in some kind of video manipulation on the web.

    I am sure that copyright infringement like this takes place daily, but is it worth the risk, and can you afford the potential penalties?

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    Anthony, the occasional plug is OK, but you're getting dangerously close to being annoying.

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    Thanks for the replies. Although this is an old thread and I have released the film with the music composed by someone else. Whether Nintendo are happy with it, I dont know..

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