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Thread: Action Movie/Film Fighting Tutorials

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    Hey, guys! My partner-in-crime and come from a background of martial arts, acting, stunts and film making and I guess it was a natural progression to finally end up making tutorials on youtube when we kept getting questions on how we do what we do! So here's a web series on film fighting, action, etc, on an indy budget! Remember to subscribe if you enjoy the work!

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    I like you presenting style and the humour in the video from both of you. This helps to sell the tutorial.

    Well done.

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    We're on Episode 3 now! Guns, weapons and props! My 3 most favoritest things, hahaa

    Please help us spread the word on this series to the filmmaking world if you can, please!

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    Hi, guys. We're uploaded episodes 4 and 5 since the last update. We're starting a sub-series on cinematography and choreography for action as per requests.

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

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    Hi, guys. This has been one of the more popular request. I've decided to make it a multi-parter since it's such a huge topic. Hope you enjoy!

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    Nice one, I wish some of the young guys who make "action videos" would pay more attention to the sort of things you bring up in this video. There is a lot more to making a movie than muzzle flashes and gun smoke.

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    Thanx, Midnight Blue! Yeah, we're really hoping to aim for some of the more overlooked aspects in action filmmaking. Seems like a lot of that is just plain rooted in the filmmaking part, so hopefully this proves helpful to the filmmaking world

    This one's on martial arts kicks for the screen

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