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Thread: Changing blur area/amount - digital effect?

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    Default Changing blur area/amount - digital effect?

    Why hello there.

    I'm new here, so hello.

    I'm wondering if some could enlighten me. On a handful of videos I've seen this very particular kind of blur being used, one that changes in both amount, the area, what's in focus, the focal lenght, etc.
    Sort of a very soft gaussian blur, most often in circular shape.

    An example of this is being used in the music video for Tyler the Creator's 'Yonkers' track.

    I guess that this is mostly a digitally achieved effect, yet I'm actually not sure. Could it just be working the focus ring of the lens of the camera while shooting? I mean, you can see the frame shake a bit whenever the focus changes, but this can of course also just be achieved digitally.

    I find the effect to be a fantastic way of showing things in a very nasty and chaotic way, so I'd love to learn how to do it.


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    well, there's a few ways to do it.

    All digital.

    As an 'all in one' neat solution personally i'd create a grey-scale mask with the alpha mapped to blur amount.
    The grey scale mask will then be your 'map' of blur intensity.
    So to create a sort of chaotic effect you'd make the grey scale mask using a fractal pattern with a large scale to it... ie big chunks will be in focus... big chunks won't be.
    The Contrast setting of the pattern will control the ramp or gradation of blur between these areas.

    ..ALternatively you can just draw masks and make them move or flex... you can do this via keyframing the mask paths and feather - or in AE i'd use an expression to add wiggle to the mask paths and feather.

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    thnx thurston, helped me!

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