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Thread: Capturing Online Video From Websites (FLV ?)

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    I would like to capture some videos that are available from a website. The videos are accessed on the web site by clicking an icon which then brings up a window with the video playing. I have searched my hard drive for the temporary files but just cannot locate them.

    Is this something that can be resolved with some type of FLV capture software and if it is can anyone please recommend me some software that will do the job? I have Sony Vegas Pro 10 but I am not sure if this has any capture functionality that I could use? If there is free software available that would be ideal.

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    Software such as this SpeedBit Video Downloader - Download free video from YouTube and other sites works on many, but not all, sites.

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    I would ask the webmaster if you can just obtain the videos if they're no copy-written. If you're just lifting videos from websites without permission, you might get a few letters from lawyers.
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    One of the most simple way to capture video and KeepVid a download, the secondary site. This is a completely browser-based, so there is no software to download. When you find a video you want to save, please enter the video URL in KeepVid, then select its originating site from the pop-up list. You can use the Real RealPlayer8 basic capture audio and video streaming live video.

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    There are so many recommended software to capture videos online that you cannot differentiate which one is the best for you. You'd be pleased using free apps like keepvid or, which adds a smart technology on your browser. Capture online videos with just one click. Likewise, is such a site that features free online video capture software to get what you want.
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