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    I am sick to death of these kiteboarding videos ... but ... this was absolutely fantastic.
    You've really progressed from something I'd have liked to have made (but could find room for improvements) to something I certainly don't have the skill or imagination to make (and can see little room for improvement).
    This had it all: atmosphere, skill, characters, babes, cutesie kids (without being too cutsie) and a bit of a narrative. The colour treatment was ace.
    Minor conceren - in a few shots the horizon wasn't level (important when the horizon is the sea)
    More major concern - the change to the different music: Killed it for me I'm afraid - especially as it was only for a very short percentage of the overall film. And the credits were plain awful - well, not awful, but didn't really match either the style or the quality of the rest of the video.

    But up to about 4min: I really loved it. Great job.

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    Thanks a lot!! All the progres is thanks to you guys. I learn everything from your reactions.
    I love the negetive reactions, they give a lot for my progres, but also the positive they give me energy to make more and moreThanks again Tim.

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