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Thread: Local Heroes #1. My first "Feature" video. Enjoy

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    Default Local Heroes #1. My first "Feature" video. Enjoy

    Hi all
    much enjoying this forum and the help you all have provided me as a newbie. Ive now had my JCV GY HM100 for a few months and have just finished my first "feature" movie. Its the first of what is to become a series of Interviews with the characters of my local village of Sarratt in herts, uk. I plan to do at least three more in the series. Its my first attempt at producing something watchable so go easy on me and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Chess River Valley.
    YouTube - ‪Local Heroes 1:Terry Tyler‬‏

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    The wobbly footage right at the beginning didn't really work for me, I like the idea but they are a bit too wobbly. I like the build up of the piece setting the scene etc. BUT when Terry does eventually speak his voice is very low in the mix this is made worse when you get the wind noise like at 3:12. I think the camera work is quite generally only ok, there are a few moments for example at 2:14 when Terry is bent over chopping, then straightens up, it would have been better for the camera to have either help position then cut to a different shot or zoom out to reveal the full shot. You seemed to not know how to deal with this predicament, you kind of hold for a moment then pan up but cut to the stream very quickly, which looks messy. Was the shot at 3:49 meant to be at this angle ?

    The pace and music help to give it a laid back gentle feel which is right for the piece.

    I like these types videos, I think it's important to get documentary evidence before we loose these little pockets of interest to the overlords and Monsanto brings out Genetically Modified Crest.

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    Thanks - all good constructive stuff. Since shooting this and other interviews (one under a flightpath on the southbank of the thames!) I've reached the conclusion that a radio mike on the collar is a must peice of kit for this kind of material. On the shopping list is a Sennheiser at £360. Shooting from the car needs a rig too it seems £xxx. The camera work on the moving subject did pose some difficult decisions for me when it came to editing and I take your point about it being a predicament. Experience is whats needed here obviously. 3.49 I didnt even notice the angle. Not good!. Amazing how you get so wrapped up in the story that things like that can escape your notice.
    thx for the feedback. Onwards and upwards!

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    I've nothing to add to what Midnight said and what you've already discovered. I too love these little pieces and the music was perfect to set the pace.
    As you've identified you could do with a tie clip mic - but don't forget the possibility of a mic on a boom.
    But you do not need to spend £360. You do not need to go wireless.

    The sort of distance you are filming at, you could easily run a wired mic into the camera. £17.00 from the internet buys an Audio-Technics ATR 35S. Mine has a 4-5m cable (after the battery holder/clip which is secreted about the talent). In a location such as this interference is not as likely to be a problem so the fact it's an unbalanced signal won't matter. For less than £20 it's got to be worth a shot before investing £360 in a wireless kit (where the majority of the cost is in making it wireless).

    An alternative is to spend £17 on a tie clip mic (lavalier) and £100-1£150 on a digital recorder (Zoom H1/H2). In this scenario the talent has the recorder in his pocket so there is no wire from mic to camera, and you sync in post. The issue here is that you are not able to monitor whilst recording so you really need to ensure you playback and check the sound on location before you call it a wrap. The advantage is you also have a great little box for recording ambient sound and even interviews if sitting around afterwards at a table (at a pub, maybe) so long as everyone is fairly near the unit.

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