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Thread: Tell me some ways to make some extra money?

  1. Default Tell me some ways to make some extra money?

    Im really interested in getting a camera and computer and some extra equiptment.

    Just wondering on different ways where I can make some extra money from thoes things. To bring in just abit of extra cash. I don't need the money but it would be nice to offset some of the cost.

    So now im just wondering what you guys think are some ways to make abit extra.

    My thinking is
    -Renting the equiptment out
    -Filming Weddings <--- However I understand since im not that expreienced with film I shouldn't go this route.
    -Editing film?? Is there any kind of market for that??
    -Maybe record events or other things that people might want for cheap. Like a little league game or their kids hockey game or something simple?

    Any other ideas that could work?

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    From what you say, it seems like you're looking for a hobby that might get you a bit of extra cash.

    It's one thing owning a camera, it's another being any good with it, so if you're prepared to learn the craft you might graduate onto making some money with it.

    I wouldn't expect to get the camera and instantly make money with it, as a professional it can be difficult to make money, let alone an inexperienced amateur. You mentioned renting your equipment, this is a possibility, if the equipment is any good.

    From your syntax, I'm guessing you're American, so you want to spend upwards of about $5000 to get a camera that a professional would want to rent, if you only have the one, then it'll probably be the smaller less busy professionals you want to concentrate on.

    Rental prices are usually about 10% of cost per week, so 10 weeks to break even.

    Hope this helps.

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    Dariv is right, it is hard to get people to pay money for these services because most people can't see the value in them, even if your a professional. People who want their wedding filmed can't understand why it can cost upwards of 2000 for a decent service so they look for people to do it cheap and often get what they pay for. Sites like Mandy, Gumtree and talent circle are teeming with people looking for people to work for free or cheap so this may be a place to get some experience but don't expect too many people to pay much more than your expenses to start off with.

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    First of all thanks for answering with your opinions. I appreciate that you didn't attack as to what I was asking and you provided some great information.

    I fully understand that im not a professional nor do I think I really want to be. It would be more for a hobby.

    My ideal reason for wanting equiptment is to film a tv show in Japan. Nothing professional and to start just posting the show online. Just to have some fun and see what happens. So I imagine that I would need a camera that looks good enough on an HD tv + some wireless microphones possibly. Nothing too complicated. If things grew then I could always look into getting people who knew what they were doing alot more then I would.

    My thinking is do it for fun a hobby and if anything comes from it then great. If not it would still be fun to create.

    PS: Im from Canada! almost got it right!!

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    Aha Canada! Being a massive Trailer Park Boys fan I can tell the difference in accents in person, but over the internet it's a bit hard to tell .

    Filming a tv show in Japan sounds fun and exciting, I hope it goes well for you. I don't know how experienced you are with a camera, but I would advise though to look up video filming tips before you go, just simple things like framing, lighting, white balance.

    As far as camera equipment is concerned have a look at the Panasonic P2 cameras (my preferred camera of choice) and the Sony Z range, read some reviews before making your choice.

    It depends on your budget what equipment you're going to get, but with wireless mics don't skimp on the budget, get UHF (less interference) and expect to pay around $600 US each for decent wireless mics. Hiring them out as and when you need them, will prove a lot more cost effective though.

    Oh and the last thing a decent tripod, Manfrotto are great, but they're other good brands, the things to look for in a tripod are; is it heavy enough? Does it have a good height range? Is the head fluid?

    Good luck with it all

    Video Production Services Company UK London

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