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Thread: Need help finding wireless microphone for Sony HDR-HC1E

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    Default Need help finding wireless microphone for Sony HDR-HC1E

    I have the Sony HDR-HC1E cam and I need a wireless microphone.

    I saw this product on the sony website:

    ECM-HW2 | Wireless Microphone | Sony | Sony Store USA

    But my cam model doesn't appear on the compatibility list. Could it be that this list consist of only models that are currently being sold and my can doesn't appear on that list as its an old model that no longer being manufactured?

    Any recommendations on a good wireless microphone for my cam?


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    any of the sennheiser EW range are very good [ew100 eew300]. 'compatibilty wise' is really nothing more than what your microphone input is. possibly mini jack on your camera? if this is the case the receiver would need a mini jack on it.

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