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Thread: This should be easy to solve (AE, but more of a Win7 issue, I think)

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    Question This should be easy to solve (AE, but more of a Win7 issue, I think)

    Somehow I managed to, basically, throw the top bars of every After Effects window off of my screen.

    Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

    Anywho, I'm about to step out for a good while this afternoon, so there isn't a huge rush to figure this out, guys. I fee like such a gosh-darned n00b here.

    However, thanks in advance, team.

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    I might use Alt/Space (to access the Window's controls), then press "m". Then use the cursor keys to move the top of the window.
    Or Alt/Space and then 'R' to restore the window size; then Alt/Space 'x' to maximise it again - hopefully into the correct size.

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