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Thread: How do I insert text screens in a slideshow?

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    Default How do I insert text screens in a slideshow?

    I have Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Ver 10.0 running under 64-bit Windows 7 Professional.

    How do I insert text screens into a slideshow? By this I mean separate screens of text, not text superimposed on a slide. The format I want is:

    Screen with a text title -> Screen with text showing a date & location -> Slide 1 -> Slide 2 . . . Slide N -> Screen with text showing a new date & location -> Slide N+1 -> Slide N+2 . . . Slide N+X -> Screen with text showing a further date & location -> and so on with a final text screen saying "The End". All of this with transitions.

    I found how to use Insert Slideshow to do the basic process of inserting the slides and transitions but I am stumped on how to insert the text screens. How do you get the Insert Text command to produce a text screen rather than just writing text over a slide? Also, any text screens will need to be inserted after inserting the slides - what would be the easiest way of "pushing" them into their correct positions amongst the slides.

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    This should be easy. Place the curser at the point on the time line you want to insert the text. make sure auto ripple is selected (Ctrl -L) drag the text media to the point on the time line where the curser is. That's it.

    You can now adjust it's length etc. When done turn off the auto ripple.

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    Thanks. I'll give it a try. I'm glad you made it sound easy.

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