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Thread: Audio channel disabled in Sony Vegas 10

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    Default Audio channel disabled in Sony Vegas 10

    I use Sony Vegas 10 and after I finished entire movie and put a logo at the beginning, the entire audio channel (and all the songs arranged in it) went gray and seem to be irreversibly muted. Even after I delete all the songs and start putting them together the entire channel is still out of function. The audio from videos used in movie is clear and regular. But the moment I placed logo in Video Overlay channel the Audio channel stopped working. Any ideas and suggestions what to do to recover it? This movie is important to me but I have no intention of doing it from New Project so you're my and its only help. Cheers

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    I presume you checked the mute track button wasn't clicked ?

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    Default Solved

    Thanks, I've found out what it was. The 'Solo' button was activated on Video Voice channel although I don't recall pressing it but anyway it's fixed now. You can close the thread.

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