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    Hi,I`m on a tight budget and I need a decent HD camera. At the moment I`m considering a sony hx9 or a used canon 550d(rebel t2 in US). Canon will obviusly be more expensive bu it it worth it? I already have a DSLR for taking photos and I hate lugging it around every time I go somewhere and I`m afraid it would be the same with making videos.
    This is the kind of videos I will be making...hopefully.
    YouTube - ‪BLOOD The price to be - Freeride Downhill‬‏

    Does anyone use this camera? Does background defocus also work in video mode?

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    You should be able to achieve most of the shots used in that link but you will have to work hard with the HX to achieve them. Also, rolling shutter (though not as exaggerated as on some other cameras) could be an issue.

    Ive been using the HX for a while now and as an all rounder I'm not exaggerating when i say its possibly the best camera Ive ever had. Its not ideal for every situation but as a pocket sized still/HD, camcorder, hybrid its pretty much unbeatable at the moment.
    have a look here .....

    Sony HX9V Insider
    Sony HX9v vs Canon 600D DSLR gets beat by compact in video mode |
    Sony HX9v Initial Thoughts |

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    couple of my videos experimenting with the HX...

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    Those shots look great! I think I`ll just get the hx9 and hope for a future firmware update with manual focus.

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