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Thread: Problems when rendered.

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    Default Problems when rendered.

    Hi all my son has just finished his first project on pro 9.
    When we watch it in the preview screen all looks good the affects ect.

    However when i render it the effects are out of sync,the main audio is ok just the effects are out and the effects audio(a hand has flames coming out of it in preview but when rendered the flames are coming out ouf the arm).

    I have tried differant render setting but this still happens.

    Thanks in advance.


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    We need a few clues Neil. Source files (AVI, mpeg2, etc). What are you rendering to. What are your render settings?

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    I vaguely recall (all my recollection is vague nowadays) a similar problem posted here within the past couple of years. i've a feeling it was to do with the preview window not being set to match the aspect ration of the project. Right click on the preview itself and check "simulate Device Aspect Ratio is checked.

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