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    Took the kids (any excuse) to watch the new Transformers (dark side of the moon) flick t'other night.

    Its bloody horrendous ! bout an hour too long imo! fortunately i managed to snooze through a third of it

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    I've heard it's pretty bad. I've been lucky enough not to see any of them. I did see a clip on breakfast TV this morning and visually it looked good BUT you would expect that with the money they must have pumped into it.

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    visually its stunning, acting is pretty poor and once you have seen the first half hour you have pretty much seen everything.

    i believe the budget was $250 million with $50 million on 3D.

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    Yep... only $50 million for visual effects. :-P

    Some of the rendering took as long as 72 hours per frame to render the IMAX res (approximately 10,0007000 (7000 lines) resolution)!


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