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Thread: Camera shot effect for stills in footage

  1. Wink Camera shot effect for stills in footage

    I am trying to include stills in a movie as the stills were shot,, As the camera follows the subject as they meet guests, stills were yaken of the subject meeting and greeting people, as the camera flash shows in the footage I would like to freeze the footage and show the particular shot in stills form with the traditional click wurr sound that a film camera would give.
    If anyone has any ideas links advice etc or the name of the effect it would be very much appreciated,,
    I am using Adobe Pre Pro 2.0

    I found this title on the tube so have included the link so you can see what I am trying to achieve but in Prem Pro 2.0,,,
    Freeze frame effect with camera flash for Final Cut Pro


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    I can think of two ways to achieve this effect or similar....

    First would be a "Frame Grab" at the exact point in the action you want, copy the frame to another track on the timeline and stretch it for the duration you want it to last.
    Make a cut at the same location of the "Frame Grab" on the main track, then slide the remaining footage over to correspond to the end of the "Frame grab".

    Alternatively, if you have a copy of the actual image taken by the stills camera...
    Find the location in your footage and make a cut.
    On another track, insert the "Still" image and stretch it for the required duration, then slide your original footage over to fit.

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    This is much the same as the previous first method but cleans up the workflow and the media management a bit.

    Split the video clip you want to freeze on and set an in-point at the split.

    Move your CTI back one frame, to the last frame of the first half of the clip, and press "M" (match frame), this will open your original clip in the source monitor with the CTI at the same frame as you have indicated on your timeline.

    Set an in-point at this frame in your source monitor and an out-point at the duration you want the still to be. Don't worry that your out-point is at a different frame as yet.

    Perform a 3 point insert edit to get your new clip in the between the split clips.

    Right click on your video clip you will see the option "Frame Hold" in the pop up menu.

    Select "Hold On" and chose the option "In Point".

    I think that's the cleanest way to do it in Pro 2, Premiere introduced "Time Remapping" similar to how it works in After Effects at some point but I think it was in Cs3 or maybe 4. If you look at your effect controls clip and see the option "Time Remapping" then you could do it there, but I don't think it will be.


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    Thank you very much for both your imput, I now fully understand that process, I think now i need to locate a sound effect of a camera shot,, the bit I will need help with next is applying a flash effect to the begining of the still so it seems like the shot happens, flash goes, still is applied and frozen for 2 seconds then the footage continues, so, can you help with how to achieve the camera flash?

    Thank you, Barry

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    You can do that easy enough. If you put the lens flare effect on the clip where you want the flash, set it to 105mm prime, set the centre to dead centre of frame and animate the brightness up from 0% to somewhere like 200% or 300% and back down to 0%. You want to animate up over a frame or 2 and back down over 3,4 or 5 frames and see what looks best.

    It can be made to look pretty decent, especially as a graphical representation. A good way to get the timing good is to apply the effect to a clip that has a photo flash in it already (just as a reference), then set the values of the keyframes in the clip your actually going to use to match the timing of the real flash.

    Depending on the sound effect you find it does sometimes look good slowing it down just that little extra frame from reality, especially as the flash is burning out, but don't be tempted to over do it.

    If your not sure about animating in Premiere you'll need to search for tutorials on using keyframes.

    And to anti-quote a poor excuse for an "introduction to digital video" lecturer I once had, the keyframes aren't kept in the keying folder.


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    Pretty sweet effects. I didn't even know this existed in FCP. I always did it the complicated way.
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