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Thread: Chroma Keying greens messes with blues

  1. Unhappy Chroma Keying greens messes with blues

    Hey there, I'm trying to do a scene in green-screen, but the problem is that I cannot do it without anything that's blue being changed to a flat, deep, blue.

    This is what I'm talking about, is there any way I can fix the cat's colours?

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    It depends on what your using to key with. You need a tool that allows you to view and adjust the matte. Some keying tools don't have the ability and rely on separate matte adjustment tools.


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    I'm just using the standard Chroma Keyer effect and the eye-dropper to pick out the green in the background.

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    I don't know what' options are available in the Vegas basic keying tool, I'm pretty sure with any basic keying tool you'll have at the very least some form of threshold adjustments. But they may even go by different names.

    If there are you should have 2 sliders/dials etc. you need to find the perfect balance of positioning these to get the keyed out area to appear black (transparent) and the area you want to keep appearing white (opaque). That's if there is an option to view the matte only, I'd image there should be, even with the most basic tool.

    If you can view the matte you'll see that with your settings the cat appears to be grey, this means semi-transparent. The closer to white it is the closer to opaque and the closer to black means it's closer to fully transparent. You need to adjust until it, and everything else you want to keep appears fully white.


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    Yeah, I can adjust the threshold to fix transparency, but it doesn't fix the colour.

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    That's strange. It was looking like the green was being removed from the blue cat leaving it semi-transparent. With the black background it would look something along the lines of what you have shown. If this was the case a separate video on the track below would show through and make it appear different.

    But if you can see the matte and it's definitely white then there's a problem with the keying tool your using. A full white area of a matte should allow the full video to be seen as it was before applying the effect.

    Unless you've applied any other effects that could be causing it.

    Normally from 3d applications you can export a separate matte along with the full render by just leaving the background out instead of having it green. This gives you a black and white image/video that you can apply to the full colour image/video using a luma matte tool.

    If that's a possibility it's normally the preferred option.


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    Are there any other keying tools for vegas?

    Also, I'm taking these as screenshots from a game engine, so I can't export a matte for it :C

    This is a screencap of what's on my screen.

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    Your matte looks fine, unless there some other setting within Vegas that another user can tell you about it just looks like a really poor keying tool or a bug. I doubt that there will be anything else effecting it elsewhere.

    I had a quick search to see if Keylight was available for Vegas, it's excellent but it seems no. I found this straight off.

    Is there such a thing for Sony Vegas? : Sony Vegas

    The (crappy) tips on using the Vegas keyer wont be any use to you, but the Boris plug-ins probably will. I doubt they're as good as Keylight, but they're from a good reputable company.


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    As an alternative I found the Channel Blend tool, I've gotten the clip to a close enough colour as the original image. It's got a bit too much red, but I can't get it perfect.

    Thanks for your input though! A great, helpful, quick response

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    It's a better compromise, you have the cat looking better, the wood has changed as a result, but that's Ok. I wouldn't be so happy with the colour of the man, but over all it's better than before.

    If you wanted to keep the colours of the original, other than on the cat, you could mask off the cat as a separate layer. You wouldn't need a tight roto, just a feathered oval(ish) mask. That way you could apply the mix from the other channels to the cat only.


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