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Thread: Months of editing and special effects...

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    Lightbulb Months of editing and special effects...

    Enjoy, hope you learn somthing!

    Open to ideas as well....
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    I get an "Error Loading" when I try and view the video.

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    Please do try the new link. I got this problem sorted last night. Thanks

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    Ok it's a good learning idea, in fact my daughter did it a couple of years ago (age 6) and it works well. The video, well depending on the intended audience, could do to be shorter by a minute or so if it's for adults but for kids my be it's right. Technically it could have done with a tripod for some of the shots. Example the "Q" at the bus stop had a lot of camera movement which spoiled the effect a bit, if it had been shot using a tripod it would have looked better.

    All in all I'm sure "Sir" is very popular with his pupils for making an educational and fun video.

    Well done.

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    i like this, seemed to be set at just the right tempo

    i did find the music to me a bit distracting, although it may have helped with the learning curve ball this method has
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    Its unusual quirky and has no great technical merit but it works for me.
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