Hi, everyone. This is my first visit here and I came on to try and get some info and advice on a suitable HD starter pro or semi pro camcorder. It would be used mainly for outdoor nature and wildlife shoots and some indoor stuff so I suppose picture quality and a good optical zoom (X15-20) will count more than sound quality. Unfortunately this is part of my bucket list so obviously I don't want to pay the earth. I've looked on Ebay and specialist sites but the prices are... well. One camcorder that seems to crop up a lot is the Panasonic HDC-MDH1 Pro PAL camcorder. Pricewise it's within my budget, new ones varying between 750 and 950. Is this product any good, specifically for wildlife shots, or does the price reflect it's performance? I would welcome any suggestions or pointers. I don't mind buying a used camera. Reading through the site there seems to be lots of helpful people here and I hope someone can help. Thank you for reading this.