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Thread: Sync problem between sound and video

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    Default Sync problem between sound and video

    I am a newbie to video editing but seem to be constantly plagued by audio/video sync problems.

    Currently my attempts to import a perfectly good home DVD Disc produced on a Pioneer DVD Recorder DVR-310S into Canopus Let's Edit 2 produces good results but as the movie progresses the sound becomes more delayed from the video reaching around 2 seconds delayed.

    Yuk. Frustrating to say the least.

    I am in Australia and have used PAL on both setups.

    Also I have experienced much the same results using a few other video editing/authoring applications!!

    Any comments I would love.


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    Hey, i was having problems with audio/video sync when compressing using TMPGEnc. Luckily for me I fixed the problem by changing audio format. Luckily for you I came across these two pages when trying to find a solution. Hope they help you...


    Good luck!

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