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    Hello, first time poster. Hopefully won't need too much help!

    I am not really into video editing, but usually pick up IT stuff fairly easily so want to give it a try.

    Basically, I am a rugby league coach, and we record most of our games. For the purpose of analysis, I want to add little graphics to the video like they do on Sky Sports (like a line tracking a players run, and a line across the pitch to show where someone is offside, etc.). Is this a difficult job for conventional video software? Is this only for the professionals? Or is there a special video software that I can purchase/download that will help me do this?

    Thank you.

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    For anyone who has never done an non-linear editing before, this would be somewhat of a challenge to drive right into.

    You would have to learn basic editing. But since you pick up IT stuff easily, then you'll probably learn it quickly.

    I just did a quick google search. You may want to take a look at these applications:

    Easy-Cut Sports Video Editing Software

    Affordable Video Analysis Software for Sports

    Sports Video Analysis Software SportsCode Gamebreaker Sports Video Performance Analysis for College and High School Sports Coaches

    One of these apps will be a little more user friendly.

    You can use other editing software apps like Adobe Premiere Elements or Sony Vegas. With these apps, you can create your "pointing arrows," and other graphics, but you'll have to learn about basic key-framing and animation to move your arrows and graphics.

    Hope you find something that works.

    Hit me up if you have any other questions.


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