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Thread: Playback on DVD player bad!!!!

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    Default Playback on DVD player bad!!!!

    I was using Power Director 8 to create my slides and video combo. I probably used over 20 DVD's and trashed them all. The playback on the DVD player was fine for the slideshow & short video. But as the movie progressed during the fireworks the DVD started breaking up and finally froze on me. Every DVD I created always stopped working during the fireworks. The slideshow following was fine. Then I bought a new computer and upgraded to Power Director 9. I opened my mpg's that I created in P.D. 8 and proceeded to create, yet another, movie!!! I thought I was all set. Then I popped the DVD into the player and everything was rolling along just fine until the fireworks. Then, the same ugly issue arose. The screen started breaking up and the video finally froze. I couldn't go forward or backward.

    I am so discouraged. I've been trying for a year to make this video from the last July 4 event. I've run out of ideas. I just don't know what to do!! Can anybody out there help? Please!!!

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    If there's a way to lower the bit rate on the video conversion. Do it! Max out at 6mbs and you should be fine. Otherwise change edit software.
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    Default Playback on DVD

    Dear Zero,
    Thanks for responding. I have no idea what/how to lower the bit rate on the video conversion. As far as the software is concerned, Power Director has been rated as a top editing program. I'm sure there are fancier and better but probably too over my head to use. Again, slides come out fine. Video with no fireworks, fine. But, if you can tell me how to lower the bit rate I'll try it.


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