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Thread: I wish to do something like this.

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    Default I wish to do something like this.

    RWJ Skip to 4:40 in the video (Zombie comes out and get's mowed down).
    Seems simple but can i do something like that on Vegas? How can i insert an animation or a trimmed image on top of the video. In my case i want to use the image of Kennedy i photoshoped ( ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ) by taking out Kennedy from the white background and inserting him into a video, maybe having a muzzle flash effect added on to the gun during the video. I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me if it's possible to do this on Vegas and how. If not, maybe recommend a software that can do it.
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    just a graphic, key framed (with aplha)and then cut into two, simple enough

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    Okay, I kinda understand how to make the president move in and out of the video using keyframing but how can i remove the background from the picture so only the president is visible and no white background. Sorry, I'am a noob at this


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