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    Brand new here with some editing questions.

    I have been racking my head for a few months on how to render the best quality using Vegas Pro 10.

    I am using a sony HDR-XR150 as my recording device. I have also used sony's PMB but it just does not seem to do a very good job. I did some searching here and found this thread.

    When i click on information when viewing a transferred file (not rendered yet) with splash media it tells me :

    stream type...MT2S
    VIDEO TYPE... H.264/AVC 1920X1080
    FRAME RATE...29.970
    BIT RATE..Looks like a variable (20 to 23 Mbps)

    As far as setting this up in vegas, i am not sure what setting to use in the initial setup, I'm guessing HD-1080-60I (1920X1080,29.970 FPS)
    In the render as section, i am totally lost as to which settings to use in the save as type,template and custom settings.

    What i am trying to accomplish is the same quailty i see when i play the files through splash media pro, they look incredible but whenever i render them it usually has a lot of stutter and tearing.
    This is for viewing on a bluray player...not youtube/ipod etc

    Also i would like to try to render them as progressive if possible with good results.Rendering time is not an issue.


    If you have any other questions....Please ask.

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    I think yo may not get many replies unless you can say where you are liviing - 30fps rather implies NTSC (or 60fps) . . . . whereas in the UK (and other places, too) the standard is PAL and in UK it's 50Hz = 50fps/25fps. Can you clarify?

    I understand that by filming 1920x1080 at 50i I can render this to 25p - but frankly this whole subject of fps and so on is a devilish issue as far as I can see.

    If your material "doesn't tear" when viewed on - - - what? - presumably the Camcorder - this could be because the screen is either too small, or forgiving (some software fiddle), whereas once Rendered in Vegas you are seeing it as it is.

    I understand that if you open Vegas Studio, and start straight away (option on splash screen in v.10), then the settings are automatically the media you import.

    Sorry if this is going round and round, - but maybe some more info from you...?


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