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Thread: We Won A Film Festival!!! - Best Video Idea Ever

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    Default We Won A Film Festival!!! - Best Video Idea Ever

    Tim Gettys and Alfredo Diaz have a video project due in less than a day. Will they come up with an idea and finish it in time!?!?!

    Best Short Feature winner at San Francisco State University's BECAfest Film Festival 2011.

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    -Shot entirely with the Canon 7D.
    -Edited in Avid Media Composer 5
    -Visual effects done in Adobe After Effects CS5

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    Any critiques? Thank you all for the encouragement!

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    Awesome video the story pace was perfect. The use of different camera shots like the Movie Trailer where it actually like like it could be a real movie and then back to the regular shots it was good. Also im sure many people could really envision themselves in your shoes. Thinking of ideas and such. Just overall it was great and I could see why it won for sure. Congrats!!

    By the way. Ive hardly shot any video in my life. So take all my views as just a random person on the internet saying what they liked about the film.

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