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Thread: Rookie alert! need Help making Intro video plz!

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    Default Rookie alert! need Help making Intro video plz!

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone here has any experience with making short intro clips for videos, and is willing to maybe make a short one for me? I have a picture I use as a logo before my videos but id like to spice it up a bit, Maybe have the eggs moving and then explode or something else? Id like a little audio sound in there to if possible... thanks for any help

    here is the logo (yes i know its cheesy and lame, lol)

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    bump come on someone help me out it only needs to be like 10 seconds long or so

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    Are you wanting to pay for the work? If you want it for free, have to any guess how many hours work may be required? Do you have any clearer requirements on the design, timing, movement?
    I might guess it would take over 8 hrs to produce.

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    well depending on how good the work is id be willing to pay, but for the most part i didnt want some indepth project i just needed something with a little movement on the screen and maybe a little sound to go with it.... if I were to pay someone to do the work id want the logo to come up and then blow up with blood splatter on the screen, but thats going a little far... anyways any help is appreciated, thanks

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    Check your PM's


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