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Thread: DVDStyler doesn't seem to bind video and audio

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    Default DVDStyler doesn't seem to bind video and audio

    When i rendered the mpeg2 file with Sony Vegas, i rendered it without audio because i heard for when i'll use DVD Architect, i'll need to have them seperate. Audio being ac3.

    Well i did that but i had no success in compressing in DVDA so i turned to DVDStyler.
    I dragged the video and then i dragged the audio in there and i seemed like the ac3 file went inside the video file, whenever i right-click -> Properties - It shows the ac3 file in there.

    But for some reason at the end, there is no audio on the dvd.

    Anyone know what i'm doing wrong? I really don't feel like waiting over 2 hours to render the video again.

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    After exporting your project from your editor and using a DVD preset, you should end up with a m2v. file which is video only, and then a .ac3 file which is audio only.

    Have you tried exporting just your audio as a .WAV and pull that in to your DVD authoring software and place that as your audio? Your DVD authoring software should then convert the .WAV to an ac3. This should only take a few minutes to export and convert.


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    Hmm, sorry, as I used a tool Aneesoft DVD creator that can import different video formats (even HD videos) such as AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, DivX, VOB, M2TS and MKV for outputting to home movie DVDs, as well as create DVD folders and ISO image files, and have the right preset for output, so I don't need to set or convert, just let it do the jobs for me. I don't know what the problem is, but you could turn to Google search and yahoo answer.

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