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Thread: "A Night" - A Video Mapping Comeptition Winner by Andrs M.B. & Zoltn K. @ ZOA

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    Lightbulb "A Night" - A Video Mapping Comeptition Winner by Andrs M.B. & Zoltn K. @ ZOA

    There was a video mapping competition in Hungary on the 26th of June - titled Paint Up! - , where 12 chosen ones were to project their artwork onto the wonderful front facade of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Zoltn and Andrs - two collegues at ZOA Studio and very best friends - have fascinatingly won 1st prize.
    The video that was mapped can be seen here: Paint Up 2011 Budapest Video Mapping 1st prize winner by ZOA
    Let me know what you think about this type of stuff!

    Architectural Animation and Visualization - ZOA

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    Megga, Excelent piece.

    Well done for winning.

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