Cinecomp Software, June,29,2011
Cinecomp Software - HDstreamTools - The multi-tool of video editing

Cinecomp Software introduces HDstreamTools Lite 1.0
Fast video transform and transcode to professional edit friendly formats

Cinecomp Software introduced HDstreamTools Lite, a standalone video multi-tool that provides an easy and fast workflow to trim, transform and transcode HD videos directly from cameras to high quality edit friendly formats. All HD video formats (4:2:0 chroma format) from HDV, AVCHD and newest HDSLR cameras are supported. All the process is done in one easy step, renaming and organizing the videos in selected folders.

On multi core CPUs, one video per core can be processsed simultaneously spedding up the transcoding.

Video processing features include video resampling to HD and SD/DVD formats (to and from progressive and interlaced formats), chroma upsampling to 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 formats, framerate correction, pulldown removal for 24p wrapped on 60i streams, high quality motion adaptive deinterlacing, digital zoom, video flip and several functions more.

Video trimming allows to cut unwanted video parts, saving disk space and speeding up the video editing. Multiple video segments can be selected from each processed video through an easy to use interface. The selected video parts will be saved on separate video files automatically renamed.

Metadata information is extracted from video stream, including aperture, shutter speed, gain or focal length (from HDV,AVCHD,and other formats cameras when supported by manufacturer). This information can be saved to a text file, or included automatically in the video file name.

HDstreamTools Lite also backups and renames the original videos to a user selected backup folder. Video output formats include AVI and MOV video formats (timecode track is included in MOV formats) compressed with high quality professional codecs: MJPEG, avid DNxHD, Lossless-JPEG and HUFFYUV. Also, videos can be saved in AVI format using any Video For Windows codec installed in the system.

Audio pitch is corrected when changing original video framerate. Audio processing is fully compatible with 2 and 6 channels 5.1 audio tracks. Original audio tracks can also be extracted and saved to a uncompressed WAV audio file.

The easy to use user interface shows all the important parameters without entering in complicated or hide menus, allowing a quick and easy configuration. Video from HDV cameras can be captured via firewire using the built-in capture tool. Video batch processing is fast, supporting newest multi-core CPUs.

Free trial version available:

you can download a full featured free trial version directly from here:

Pricing and availability:

HDstreamTools v1.0 is available for $49

System requirements

Windows XP,Vista and 7, 32 or 64 bits, 1Mb RAM, 40Mb HD for installation.

For more information please go to Cinecomp Sotfware web site:

Cinecomp Software - HDstreamTools - The multi-tool of video editing

About Cinecomp Software

Founded in 2010, the company objective is to produce video tools, based on filmmakers experience, to provide fast and efficient workflows, using the best video processing technology to achieve the higest video quality. HDstreamTools is the first software line released. To learn more please visit Cinecomp Software - HDstreamTools - The multi-tool of video editing.