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Thread: Short Film: Flatmates - Toe Nails

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    Smile Short Film: Flatmates - Toe Nails

    Hi All,

    Short comedy I made about two people living together, have a watch and let me know what you think. I'd appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Mildly amusing.

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    Indeed, mildy amusing.

    But: well shot, well acted and well edited. Whilst the dialog was nice and forward in the mix, it was set too high somewhere in the process as there was some rather bad clipping. ("Well you can't say because you're really ugly")
    The only thing that lept out at me was the cut at 1:05 where male flatmate clearly changes position.

    Let down by the script - it didn't really seem to go anywhere and the punchline wasn't so much a pnchline as something which had to be dragged out. I'd have simply left it hanging after "ask you what you really like abut them". You don't need to spell the rest out.

    However, i'll take a look at some other episodes as this shows great promise and I did enjoy the camerawork.

    EDIT: Enjoyed the series.
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    Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated, some interesting points, I will ponder Some art points as well as technical, which is most helpful.

    Thanks again, Jonny

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